Growing marijuana from seeds. Advantages and disadvantages

Regardless of where the grower will grow cannabis, he needs to decide on the method of propagating the plants. As practice shows, it is better to use seeds than cuttings. And in order for the cultivation to end with the collection of a decent amount of the crop, you need high-quality seed. The best place to buy marijuana seeds is here, but for now let’s look at the benefits of growing cannabis from seeds.

More viable and healthy bushes

When a cannabis plant is grown from seed, it looks larger, more developed, and healthier. A taproot comes out of the seed, it fixes the cannabis in the ground, is a support for the plant, allows it to hold firmly in the substrate and develop the root system. Most gardeners believe that it is this feature of the plant that gives the bushes the ability to fight various diseases, insects, and survive in difficult weather conditions. Accordingly, outdoors it is desirable to grow hemp obtained from seeds.

High plant productivity

Growers note that cannabis plants grown from seeds are more productive than those grown from cuttings. This feature is easily explained – when a plant is healthy, it develops well and rewards the grower with an excellent harvest.


Like other plants, hemp is vulnerable to diseases and pests. They can be transmitted not only genetically, but also by airborne droplets, provided that infected neighbors grow nearby. Bushes grown from seeds have a higher immunity, while absolutely all genetic diseases are transmitted by cuttings. Experienced gardeners strongly recommend that beginners start their growing journey by propagating cannabis seeds. It often happens that, out of ignorance, amateurs bring viruses or pests into their garden. The better the immunity of cannabis, the more likely the plant is not to get sick.

Economic benefits and convenience

Seeds have a different value, depending on the variety. Everyone will be able to pick up grains that are suitable for the price, but buying cannabis seedlings from hand is quite problematic and expensive. As a rule, growers keep their hobby in secret, not risking selling grown bushes.

Large range of varieties

The mother plant from which the grower takes cuttings passes on all of its qualities (both good and bad) to its offspring. It turns out that if a gardener propagates cannabis with clones, then bushes of the same variety grow on his plantation. While growing hemp from seeds allows you to get several varieties of marijuana per season, with different tastes and effects.

Why won’t hemp seeds germinate?

So, you have varietal seeds, you plant them in a sunny area, water them and … nothing happens, cannabis seeds do not sprout. Both beginners and professionals are often at a loss – what happened to their material, why do marijuana seeds not germinate? If you’re sure you’ve done your best and they just won’t start, here are the things to watch out for.

Planting depth

Seeds are strong little creatures that will do everything they can to grow – but only what they can. It all starts with the fact that they burrow to a depth of 1 to 3 cm into the soil. They should be planted deep enough to be covered with soil, but not too deep for the sun to reach them. When this happens, death occurs due to decay, they do not germinate.

Seed quality

At the end of the day when you’re shopping for planting material, especially expensive ones, you need to make sure you get what you pay for. Be sure to purchase from a reputable seed bank you trust or from a vendor known for their good genetics. Too often, growers will buy the cheapest they need, simply because it’s the variety they’re interested in, but it’s often a poor choice.

Think about it, you have to wait about 4 weeks to know if your plant is male or female, and if you went the cheap route it might take too long to figure out you picked the wrong gender/plant you wanted . Do you know when they came from the factory? A low quality plant will produce low quality seeds. Can you tell how fresh they are? Because the older the seed, the harder it is for them to start growing – and even then you still have to be careful. Always go for quality over economy when it comes to genetics.

Marijuana seeds do not germinate: proper storage

No less than the source, it is important to take care of them. Please note that they vary from species to species and should receive appropriate care. For example, tomato seeds can be stored at room temperature, while marijuana seeds need to be stored in cooler, hermetically sealed rooms, then they will germinate.

You need to make sure that both your supplier and you store them in an environment that keeps them fresh for as long as you need them so they germinate and germinate. Don’t keep them in damp places to avoid rotting and don’t keep them in overheated places to avoid drying out (this is in extreme cases of heat, but important to note).


There are many forms of mushrooms, and when they get to the cannabis plants, they slowly kill them. Some are good neighbors that are not harmful to the grains. But such as the Fusarium are harmful. If your seedling starts to sprout and starts to curl or turn brown, you most likely have something similar. There might be something in your soil when you planted the seeds, or it might be due to high humidity or over watering.

Solution: Unfortunately, if you have this, you need to get rid of the seed and the environment in which it grows. And start over.

Pest and insect infestation

Pests and beetles do not necessarily kill the seeds, but they can feed on young shoots, which can stop growth before it starts. Getting rid of bugs is a pain, so it’s important to think of pest control in two steps: elimination and prevention.

Germination stages

Make sure if you are planning to start growing marijuana seeds to avoid mold, adjust and eliminate fungi and pests, prepare your environment and grow room to help seeds grow efficiently, find the best genetics, and take care of those seeds you don’t need. I am currently using. Take these steps and the next time you start growing grains, you’ll have a harvest you’ll be proud of.

Attention! This article describes the problems associated exclusively with technical varieties that can be worked in Russia after obtaining a license. It is illegal to grow any other type of cannabis, it can lead to a fine or a prison term, so we strongly do not recommend doing this.

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