Short description: what is a housekeeper?

The housekeeper can be visiting, that is, stay in the apartment or house of the client for a specified period of time, and then leave. Or she can live on the territory of the customer (usually special rooms are allocated for such servants, most often vacancies of a housekeeper with accommodation include meals). Typically, such employees are hired by fairly wealthy people who do not have the time and / or desire to maintain order in the house on their own (and it is possible to pay someone to whom these duties can be delegated).


A housekeeper may be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Dry and wet cleaning of the apartment.
  • Cleaning of toilet bowls, sinks, washbasins and other plumbing fixtures.
  • Washing linen and clothes, ironing, using dry cleaning services to put things in order that cannot be washed and cleaned at home.
  • Purchasing products, preparing dishes, taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer’s family members.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Watering home plants.
  • Feeding, walking, washing, combing pets.
  • Babysitting (the housekeeper may be asked to pick them up from kindergarten/school, organize their leisure time, help them bathe and dress, etc.).

As already noted, any client has his own idea of which of the services listed above he needs a housekeeper, so the exact list of duties in each case may vary. Most often, it is a woman who is looking for this position, since the fair sex is considered more skilled in everyday life and households, and in most cases it is they who are looking for vacancies of a similar plan.Work in mini-groups, from 3 samples per month, a quick check of DZ and boring lessons in the Webium online school.

Pros and cons of being a housekeeper


  • No need for long-term education.
  • Sufficiently high level of demand in the labor market.
  • Possibility to live on the territory of the employer.
  • The opportunity to learn and improve skills that are useful in your own life.


  • Not always a convenient work schedule.
  • Not a very high social status of the profession.
  • Exercise stress.
  • Average income level.

Important Personal Qualities

Most people have a fairly plausible idea of who a housekeeper is: she is an economic, neat, clean woman who can be trusted to maintain order in the house. She should also be quite communicative and easy-going, decent, hardworking. In the event that her duties will include looking after children, certain pedagogical abilities will also be needed (possibly supported by appropriate education).

housekeeper training

Training as a housekeeper as such is not required, however, in order to be successfully hired, the applicant must have certain knowledge and skills. In particular, to understand what cleaning products can and cannot be used to clean certain surfaces, be able to cook at least simple dishes, know the basics of caring for common pets, etc. All this knowledge and skills can be obtained in everyday life, and if necessary, quickly replenished.


So, a university education is not necessary for a housekeeper, and a housekeeper may already have all the necessary abilities to successfully perform such work. But the question of where to get the profession of a housekeeper still remains open: after all, the degree of your professionalism still needs to be proved to a potential customer. Therefore, many women who choose such work find employment in special agencies that provide housekeepers and cleaners. These agencies usually provide short courses to teach the necessary basics.

Place of work

A housekeeper can provide services from a cleaning agency, or work privately. In any case, her clients can be people with medium to high incomes, and her place of work can be apartments and houses of various sizes.