How to grow cannabis at home?

What? Growing marijuana without leaving your home? Is it even possible? Do not be surprised: the answer is obviously simple and clear: yes, it is quite possible. Cannabis is a rather unpretentious culture, so even if you have not previously had any experience in growing, the first attempt at cultivation will certainly be successful, it is enough to follow the recommendations.

Choose the right strain

It is logical to assume that in order to grow, you must first order cannabis seeds. For growing cannabis indoors, autoflowering varieties are more suitable, namely: Auto Lowryder, Auto Skunk, Auto AK – 47 and others. What do all these cannabis strains have in common? The above strains are undersized, unpretentious, productive. And most importantly, they begin to bloom on their own, without waiting for actions from the grower. You don’t have to change your lighting schedule, and if you set your marijuana plant to an 18/6 schedule while still in the vegetative stage, you can stick with it all the way to harvest.

Flowering will begin at the moment when the plant reaches a certain maturity. And no dancing with a tambourine – the culture will develop as if according to a passport, with a minimum deviation from the deadlines, and practically without the participation of a cannabis grower. If you want to make your life even easier, then order varieties from the “feminized” category. This means that exclusively female bushes will grow from the seeds, and at the end of the cultivation you will get a grand crop of sensimilla.

Where to grow cannabis at home?

The second thing you need to do is to decide on the place of cultivation, for example, place the pots on the windowsill, in the room, on the loggia, or even in the basement. To maintain the best growing conditions for cannabis, you can use special containers – growboxes, which do not take up much space and can be placed in any room. A more economical option for a grower is to buy a grow tent. This is a kind of plant tent made of reflective material. It can be folded for storage and used as needed.

As in the grow box, the grow tent has special mounts for climate control and lighting devices. It is still advisable to give preference to cultivation inside the apartment, because it will be easier for you to maintain the required temperature and humidity. At the vegetative stage, the air temperature should be in the range of 25-26°C, with a humidity of 65-75%. When cannabis begins to bloom, 23-24 ° C, 42-50%, respectively, become optimal. If you decide to cultivate on the balcony, then pay great attention to disguise: the bush should not be seen by others.


One of the main tasks of a grower is to provide plants with light. Autoflowering cannabis varieties are more resistant and less whimsical, but they will lack light even on the windowsill, so you should take care of this, if necessary, purchase special lamps. This will not be necessary when using a fully equipped grow box because the grow box is usually already equipped with lights. For the cultivation of cannabis, lighting devices from the following models are used:

  • DNAT;
  • LED;
  • DRI;
  • DNAZ.

The most popular from the list are HPS lamps. They are the most powerful, illuminate the space well, and are suitable for use at all stages of cannabis development. The only point that a beginner grower should pay attention to is the distance of the lighting devices from the top of the plant. The optimal distance is 30-60 cm.

Blowing marijuana bushes

Do not be surprised, but at home you can get high quality hemp, as evidenced by the quality and quantity of the crop. In this matter, air circulation plays an important role. Should you spend money on fans? Absolutely, and here’s why:

  • By regulating the intensity of blowing, you can control the humidity and temperature;
  • mold and fungus will not start in cannabis inflorescences;
  • accelerates the metabolism in the plant, which allows you to grow buds with a high content of THC and other cannabinoids;
  • the root system of the culture develops correctly.

The blower system must be installed at the bottom of the grow tent, and also at the top or side. Please note that the fans should not direct the air flow directly to the bushes, but blow upwards, or onto one of the walls.

Summing up

Of course, the comfortable home environment is fundamentally different from the “wild” growing conditions, when cannabis grows in the sun and sways in a strong wind. However, an impressive harvest of cannabis buds indoors can become a reality. This can be achieved if you buy decent quality marijuana seeds and follow the optimal conditions and necessary recommendations for growing cannabis. If you are ready to spend, you can fully automate the process of growing. In specialized stores, a huge assortment of various sensors, devices for climate control, watering, etc. is presented, which greatly saves the time and effort of the cannabis grower.

It is not necessary to purchase everything at once – for the first cultivation experience, a substrate, pots of 10-15 liters, lamps and seeds are enough. Good luck!