Hemp seeds


From seeds belonging to the Indica type, low and rather lush plants with wide leaves grow. The big advantage of indica cannabis is its short flowering period (6-8 weeks) and high yield. When smoking this type, there is a slight euphoria and a loading immobilizing effect. Simply put, this is the same hemp, after using which, you want to “poke”, lie down and think.

Cannabis Sativa Seeds

Planted Sativa seeds produce tall plants with long and narrow leaves that are characterized by low lushness. A distinctive feature of this species is a long ripening period (up to 12 weeks) and an average yield. The use of sativa is uplifting, invigorating and leads to stimulation of brain activity. It is ideal when you want fun, movement and conversation.


These seeds are characterized by rapid flowering, so everything you want can be obtained in the shortest possible time. Moreover, in order for such plants to bloom, it is not necessary to change the light regime. After planting the autoflowers, the cannabis crop can be harvested in about two months. Although rapid flowering reduces yield. Autoflowers are small in size, making them a great option for growing indoors. With all this, autoflowers allow you to collect several crops in a year.


If you want to grow cannabis outdoors, then feminized seeds are the way to go. What are feminized cannabis seeds? When growing cannabis from such seeds, you can be sure that the plants will be female, and, as you know, the buds ripen exclusively on female plants. So, there is no need to determine the sex and separate the male and female plants. Feminized cannabis seeds are distinguished by high plant germination – all female plants are guaranteed to grow from planted seeds. As a side note, feminized seeds allow you to grow and harvest buds that have a very high percentage of THC. Since these varieties of hemp are resistant to external factors and differ in their growth, they are ideal for growing them in the open field.

Different Types of Seeds When Buying Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

Now that you know where to buy weed seeds in bulk, let’s take a look at the different types of seeds available.

Regular cannabis seeds

Generally, bulk cannabis seeds are the least popular when buying in bulk. The main reason is that they contain many phenotypes. Since each seed can have different growth characteristics, it is difficult to predict which cannabis seeds will grow. In addition, regular hemp seeds are produced in bulk by both males and females. Thus, many large seeds will be useless unless you are looking for a male for a breeding project.

In general, you should expect a high percentage of the total seeds to contain males. In terms of investment, conventional cannabis seeds depreciate quickly. However, regular cannabis seeds are the backbone of breeding projects around the world. Without conventional cannabis seeds, the cannabis industry would not be where it is today.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Since bulk feminized marijuana seeds are inherently female, the growing process is much easier. Overall, feminized cannabis seeds require less space, resources, time and effort than regular marijuana seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds are ideal for beginners and professionals alike as they allow growers to focus on pest control, nutrient application, and environmental control. Cannabis growers have a lot to do, and not having to weed the garden for pesky males helps a lot.

Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering feminized seeds produce female cannabis plants that flower regardless of photoperiod. In other words, you can buy bulk marijuana seeds and plant autoflowering feminized seeds any time of the year and expect plants to grow within 10 weeks of germination.

Overall, autoflowering feminized weed seeds equip growers with hundreds of viable seeds that can produce huge yields in no time.