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Just as there is never a sure match in betting, we also do not guarantee that the ticket of the day is a sure bet.

What we guarantee you, however, is that today’s ticket contains predictions selected following complex analyzes of the teams/players involved/involved and of all the factors that can influence the outcome of an event we bet on.

To make money from day tickets in sports betting it is not enough just to pick winning predictions.Almost as important is to play betting tickets at the agencies that offer you the best odds and the most advantageous promotions.

Here we can include increased odds offers, accumulator promotions (extra winnings depending on the number of events on the ticket) or other promotional campaigns (money back on 0-0 score, double bonus tickets, etc.).

So that you don’t have to waste your time analyzing which are the most profitable online bookmakers where you can play the ticket of the day football (or other sports), we have done this and present you below the TOP 5 bookmakers where it is worth placing your bets your.

Read and discover what are the strengths of each operator, see which of the offers seems the most interesting to you.

Betano Ticket of the Day

Win 50% more – 4-10 tip tickets with odds of at least 1.50 have the profit increased by up to half the potential win
BetCombo – play multiple bets on the same event.
Lost ticket for a single match? Stake returned – On bets with 5-10 variants lost at the limit, Betano returns your money – offer valid only for some competitions.

Superbet Day ticket

Super Odds – on the Superbet ticket of the day, the offer has increased odds on soloist bets and a double chance on the hottest events of the day
SuperExtra – on tickets with at least 6 tips at odds of at least 1.10 you have improved odds and, by default, higher potential winnings!
SuperLive – Benefit from increased odds during matches, on the most popular live bets!
Play Ticket of the Day at Superbet – Get a 500 RON Bonus!
Publicwin Ticket of the Day
PublicWin Plus – +25% increased odds on favorites, every day!
PublicWin Extra – Combine PublicWin Plus and PublicWin Extra bets on the same ticket and win big!
Attractive combos – You can add to the same betting ticket several predictions from the same event, for example combine a soloist bet with one on cards or corners!
Get Bonus 2,500 LEI upon registration!

Fortuna Day ticket

Double bonus – on tickets with 5-20 tips in the minimum odds of 1.20 you benefit from an increase in profit of up to 100%!
Lucky Loser – on high odds tickets (100+) with a single losing event you win the equivalent of a ticket at odds of 5.00, at the stake played on the original ticket
Fortuna Plus and Match of the Day – you get significantly increased odds if you combine the matches from these offers with other tips, thus increasing your winnings significantly!

Netbet Ticket of the Day

Bonus 50% of profit – Play a ticket with a minimum of 3 events and the potential winnings of the bet will increase by up to 50%!
50 RON – free bet on tennis + 25 RON free bet on e-sports – Every week you can benefit from these free bets by betting at the Netbet bookmaker.
Add2Bet – You can add more predictions to the ticket already placed, as long as the cash-out is available!
Bet at Netbet with 500 RON risk-free bet!
100% Safe Bet Day Ticket
If you are looking for a safe betting ticket, you must know that you will not find it, because there is no such thing. We can only talk about betting tickets with high chances of winning, but those are not 100% sure.

We certainly cannot offer the Bet Day ticket, but we try every day to improve our ticket success rate, as you can see in the statistics we display.

Cota Mare Day Ticket

The safest ticket of the day that we propose is obviously the one with the lowest odds, namely the ticket in odds 2. The higher the odds of a bet, the lower its chances of success.

For this reason we prefer to bet more on lower odds (odds 3 – 5) than to risk more on high odds tickets and lose constantly.

At the same time, we also offer the high odds ticket of the day (10 odds) for those who bet small amounts and want bigger winnings.

You will occasionally find double bonus betting tickets on the page, which by their nature have high and very high odds.

They mainly have the role of giving you an additional source of inspiration in choosing bets, the probability of such a ticket being a winner is very low.

Professional tipsters

It is important when looking for the tipster’s ticket of the day to see who proposes it, who made it and what form it is in. Unlike most sports betting sites, you can see the statistics of each project and each tipster, to see what results they have had and how well their predictions are.

Each of our tipsters is specialized in a specific sport so that they can successfully cover events in their chosen sport.

Our fellow tipsters are specialists with considerable experience in sports betting, who professionally analyze every match they recommend to you.

The best tipsters are constantly evaluated in our team to ensure that the fittest of them will give you winning tickets as often as possible.

Whether we are talking about the ticket of the day in basketball, football, handball, hockey or tennis, we offer you the best quality predictions analyzed by consummate professionals.

Tickets Bets with high chances of winning
In order to improve our chances of winning the ticket of the day in betting we follow some clear principles from which we only deviate exceptionally.

We know that in sports betting profit comes and is calculated in the long term, not at the end of a single day or week. We never bet on matches about which we do not have all the information in front of us. We do not select more than 3-4 predictions per ticket.

Some days you may not find the football or other sports ticket of the day published on the site. That’s because we don’t think we should bet even when the offer for the ticket of the day is not a rich one and does not contain matches worth betting on.

It is best to play tickets only if you feel that the odds you have chosen are of high value.

Football Day ticket


Certainly, on the football ticket of the day, the most common matches are from Liga 1 Romania. Why do Romanian bettors choose to bet on League 1 matches? The most reliable answer is: because it is a local competition, present on all TV channels.

When you get information about teams, players, coaches, it’s very hard not to bet. Although very popular with punters, Ligue 1 is also very unpredictable. The satisfaction of betting on your favorite team and experiencing the match at full intensity remains.

Seeing the great interest in betting on League 1, online bookmakers come with a very good offer for this competition, comparable to matches in the top championships or European cups.

Anyone who wants to add football matches from League 1 Romania to their ticket has the opportunity to bet on the final result and number of goals to scorers, cards, number of corners, etc.

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