How to choose the cheapest cannabis seeds

Not all experienced growers like to grow expensive elite varieties of marijuana. Some prefer seeds with an affordable cost, which allows you to get a rich harvest without high costs. It is also recommended to buy cheap hemp seeds for beginner growers who do not know all the subtleties of growing marijuana. This allows them to gain experience without overpaying for seeds.\

Many believe that an affordable price means low quality. However, this is always true of marijuana. Expensive varieties are often overrated, and cheap strains are sometimes not inferior to elite ones.

Next, we will tell you how to choose cheap hemp seeds from which you can grow a rich and high-quality harvest.

Watch for discounts in online stores

Even expensive varieties of hemp can be purchased at an affordable price if you wait for product discounts. Sometimes seed sellers offer buyers elite strains of marijuana on favorable terms. To find the right moment, it is enough to visit the online stores where you buy cannabis seeds every day.

Marijuana seeds are now sold on many sites. Thanks to this, patient buyers can find products with rare properties and buy them on favorable terms. For example, the most undemanding varieties of marijuana.

Research the variety of hemp seeds before buying
The cost of marijuana seeds is influenced not only by the pricing policy of a particular seller, but also by other factors:

  • The popularity of the seed bank;
  • Seed version;
  • THC level.

Seeds from well-known seed banks are usually sold at higher prices. On the one hand, the brand guarantees high quality, but this does not mean that the worst quality seeds are presented in less popular seed banks. If you don’t know how to choose an inexpensive strain of marijuana, try buying a new strain from a little-known seed bank.

All hemp seeds are divided into regular and feminized. Many growers buy feminized varieties that produce the richest harvest. However, regular strains are sold at a lower price. Therefore, novice growers are recommended to practice growing hemp on regular varieties. This does not guarantee a rich harvest, but it will allow you to gain valuable experience.

The THC level is the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana. The psychoactive effect on a person depends on it. In recent decades, breeders have produced powerful strains with more than 30% THC. Usually, expensive varieties emit high THC, and in budget doses of tetrahydrocannabinol, it is much less. If you do not know how to choose cheap cannabis varieties, you can be guided by the THC level.

Distinguish between inexpensive and low-quality seeds

It is useful for growers to know the signs of low-quality marijuana seeds:

  • poor drying;
  • immaturity;
  • mechanical damage.

Seeds with these defects usually produce a poor yield. It is not recommended to buy them, even if they are cheap.

Experienced growers advise to carefully study the information about hemp varieties in the online store. Some strains have unusual external features. It is important not to confuse them with signs of poor quality seeds. Otherwise, you risk abandoning the purchase of good seeds that will bring a rich harvest.