How to Grow Cannabis – Key Points

Although many growers recognize the enormous potential of industrial hemp as a profitable cash crop, most botanists new to the field are still looking for ways to figure out how to properly grow cannabis at all stages and know how cannabis grows from seed, when green, and when it is […]


Germination of hemp seeds: how to germinate a hemp seed

Hemp is a member of the cannabis family and contains only trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). The fibers are used to create thousands of products, including textiles, clothing and twine. Mankind has been growing it for thousands of years, but modern methods of planting cannabis are not as […]


How to Grow Good Cannabis and Get a Harvest: Soil and Seed Preparation

The following information is provided for educational purposes only to inform licensed manufacturers operating in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Check with local authorities, the Department of Agriculture, or a personal attorney about the legality of industrial hemp cultivation in your jurisdiction. So, how to grow good […]


Ticked of the day

Just as there is never a sure match in betting, we also do not guarantee that the ticket of the day is a sure bet. What we guarantee you, however, is that today’s ticket contains predictions selected following complex analyzes of the teams/players involved/involved and of all the factors that […]